Halper Publishes Children's Book

Back in 2006, when Nina Halper adopted a rescue dog named Sabra from the Hezbollah conflict in Israel, she could not imagine how life-changing he would be for her. "Little did I know," she says, "having Sabra would attract so much attention, given his looks and size!" Sadly, Sabra was diagnosed with cancer last Fall and Nina rushed to publish the book and share his story with children before he passed away this past July. Sabra the Long-legged Goofy (mixed) Saluki is Nina's first published children's book. "This is a true-to-life tale," Nina says, "of a scared puppy who grows into a gentle giant, capturing hearts everywhere he goes." As a strong supporter of animal rights organizations, Nina is using the book, in part, to promote animal adoption. Sabra has been a local celebrity since he was a puppy with his own media clips and Facebook page and Instagram.

By Nina Natelson

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