Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Nina Halper is an award-winning bilingual, multimedia producer, public health educator and storyteller.  Of mixed Indian and Jewish heritage, Nina has always been a global explorer;  it is only fitting that her "four-legged boy" Sabra traveled overseas into her life.  She is also a proud mom to her "two-legged boy" Rafael who loved to pull on Sabra's fluffy tail and chase him around the house, despite his towering size.

Nina wrote this story to bring to life the quirkiness she experienced as the mother of this gentle giant.  She truly was stopped on the street every day by curious passersby to learn more about the unique and beautiful creature.  Nina supports animal rescue and rights organizations and will use the book and Sabra's story to promote animal adoption.  


After a near year-long battle with cancer, Sabra passed away in July of 2017. 



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