Meet Sabra

Hi, my name is Sabra.  My friends say I am a long-legged goofball who stops traffic every time I place my paws onto the street.  I am also a Saluki-Wolfhound mix born in the land of milk and honey who barely made it here alive.  My story began in 2006 when I was rescued from a war in Israel, flown to the United States along with my friends and adopted in Washington, D.C.  This is my real life story of survival and becoming part of a community that embraced me as a small scared puppy with long legs, who grew into a confident gentle giant with even longer legs and a big heart. I'm living proof that it's a good thing to stand out in the crowd.

The Book

Join the adventures of Sabra, a puppy who traveled halfway across the globe to be adopted by a loving family in Washington, D.C. Based on the true story of the real Sabra, a Saluki-mix rescued from Israel in 2006, this children's book - brought to life with colorful and comical illustrations - takes you on a heart-warming journey as Sabra the Long-legged Goofy (mixed) Saluki  grows from a scrawny puppy into a gentle giant who captures attention everywhere he goes with his large size, soulful eyes and unusual looks.  

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